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*~Behind the magic - I’m alive~*

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Here is my Ned from Pushing Daisies blog that I mentioned a couple of times. It is not much yet but I have an open starter posted for all those that feel inclined, and I will do greeting posts for all new followers! Feel more than free to roleplay with Ned even if you already roleplay with Merlin, I will love you fivever if you do.

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Here is my Ned from Pushing Daisies blog that I mentioned a couple of times. It is not much yet but I have an open starter posted for all those that feel inclined, and I will do greeting posts for all new followers! Feel more than free to roleplay with Ned even if you already roleplay with Merlin, I will love you fivever if you do.

I do hope that all of you enjoy it <3

*~Revelation at the Gates of Avalon~*

Converse cladded feet rushed frantically through the leaves and brush of an inconspicuous forest in central Wales. Twigs and branches scraped against his skin adjourning him in small stinging scratches; yet he refused to pay them any mind as he pushed himself frantically onward to his destination. There was many a time that his panicked movements awarded him with an untold amount of stumbling and bruises. There was not an amount of pain or obstacle in the world that would keep him reaching his goal.

The day that Arthur died in his arms was the day that his very purpose had crumbled apart before his eyes. Arthur Pendragon was his other half, he never imagined existing without him; then that one fateful day he was suddenly forced to do so. Since that day he had been waiting in a complete broken and lost state for his once and future king to return. The warlock had spent these centuries merely existing, nothing more.

Today he had been debating whether to spend the day nestled on his favorite bench in the park or go home after work. He always tried to fight the growing burning sensation to drown his sorrows at the nearest bar. The urge to forget his troubles with a stiff drink was growing by the day, it was only fended off by his resolution that he would never forgive himself if he did. 

The distress over what to do with himself had ceased to exist when a sensation sparked up in him; the one that he had been waiting centuries for. Hope and happiness enveloped the very essence of his being the very moment he sensed the gates of Avalon open. The young man had jerked up from his seat at a street-side cafe. He put down money upon the table to pay for his coffee and blueberry muffin as he then rushed off to greet his fate at the shores of the lake.

With his heart pounding relentlessly within his chest, the young warlock stopped at the very edge of the lake as the waters licked at at his shoes. His heart violently froze within his being the moment he spotted a figure emerging from the waters. He debated upon what to say or do to greet his long-lost king for so much had changed since the day of his death, even with the warlock himself. Yet those thoughts, like his pounding heart, ceased as the sight of a man with brunette hair - rather than golden locks - had emerged from the waters.

The legendary warlock could not believe his eyes to the point he was compelled to do a double-take. The second glance brought him to the same conclusion as the first; this was not his beloved king but his king’s bane. He managed to voice a single word at last, the man’s name: “Mordred…”

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"You two will not be going anywhere." She smirked, raising her hands up. Conquering the vines that grew within the walls of the castle. The vines spread towards the two. It grabbed Aurora by the legs, making her fall over. "Merlin!" She called out as the vines bound her arms and legs. 

"Morgana..!" Merlin started but was immediately interrupted as he spotted the vines snake rapidly towards them. He jerked down, practically flinging himself at Aurora, to grab and prevent her from being bound up within the vines. He tried to rip and tear at them hoping that would suffice for he did not want to reveal his magic to Morgana if he could help it; but he would if that meant saving Aurora’s life.

*~The Warlock and the Mortician~*


"Ohhh, so that’s why you like it. You know, I could bring you a coffin. Although, some humans find that rather disturbing…. Odd creatures." Undertaker rambled before rolling off the bed. "Do you~?" he asked, now laying on the floor as he had literally rolled off of the bed. 

"I appreciate the offer, I really do, but I have enough people asking about me without a coffin laying in my room," Merlin somehow managed a coherent reply to a rather incoherent conversation. The warlock eyed the mortician cautiously the moment the strange man vacated the bed for him. He was grateful, yet this also seemed too good to be true after the amount of difficulty he had experienced thus far. "I have to wake the prince, serve his breakfast, dress him, then polish his armor, muck out the stables, attend to his sparring sessions… then be at his mercy for the rest of the day; I do call that a busy day," he let out a quiet sigh and began to dress down for bed.

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*~Legends~* // Open



"It’s pretty basic. Kind of cute, and it has more than they gave us in the asylum. Do you have any baking materials and supplies?" Ceri asked him curiously. She thought it only right that she make him something to thank him for letting her stay with him.

So rarely you meet someone who is like yourself, that much she knew. He was a drifter, much like she felt, just riding the waves of time. They were intwining with society, but they did not belong, not in this world and time. 

"Emphasis on basic, but I’m relieved you like it," Merlin replied with a pleasant smile as relief spread through him. He was still much too used to Arthur’s demands and reprimands, he was not used to people just happily accepting what he offered them. It was nice.

He paused as he did his best to recall what was in his kitchen for it had been largely neglected over his years of waiting. Once it had been quite certain that Arthur was not going to return for quite sometime, Merlin had grown oddly depressed and lost and that reflected in his neglecting his daily needs. “I believe I do have the basic baking necessities,” Merlin managed a reply after a moment, “I hope it’s enough. What do you have in mind Ceri?”

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"I have to say, more muscle on you than I had imagined. You are thinner then I thought you would be as well, considering how much time you spend in the tavern." Arthur wanted to know more about the other’s body, temptation to order him to drop his pants hanging over him like a dark, twisted cloud. The prince stood, walking over to lock his door and pull the curtains. "And the rest?" The temptation had pulled over him completely, curiosity and desire to see all of the other winning over him.

The tavern… 
Merlin had begged Gaius to stop using that as an excuse for his missing whereabouts. 

Nevertheless Merlin’s mind was mostly occupied by Arthur’s compliments on his body, “um thank you sire,” he replied uncertainly as he watched the prince lock the doors and pull the curtains to obscure the windows. 

"The rest sire?" he had managed to choke out then. He suspected this whole ordeal had been a slippery slope, the rest of his clothes would be requested by his beloved to disappear off of his body. Still, he was shocked. His mind had fought through his shock and nervousness to enable him to function again. Arthur would not be persuaded otherwise even if his manservant was certain the man would be disappointed. "As you wish," he responded hesitating briefly before taking off his boots and socks. He then hooked his thumbs on his trousers to pull them off of his thin body. With shaking hands and a great deal of anxiety, Merlin gripped his underwear and pulled them off in a quick fluid motion before he could think otherwise.

The naked warlock then stood there in front of his sire and love completely naked, with his arms wrapped awkwardly around himself  and a deep blush on his face, as he awaited Arthur’s response.

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